Music Videos

Music video production to suit your musical style / brand image. Have a performance filmed or your music expressed through a short narrative.

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Web Videos

  1. Compressed video in a variety of web friendly formats (MOV, AVI, MP4 etc.)

  2. Multiple image resolutions for online distribution.

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  1. Lighting camera man with Broadcast quality SD (Standard Definition).

  2. HDV (High Definition Video) available to suit your needs.

Post Production Video Editing

  1. Incorporated with music.

  2. Onscreen titles & credits.

  3. SD DV (Standard definition digital video).

  4. HDV (High definition video) video editing.

DVD / Media Video File

  1. Final video product on DVD.

  2. Multi DVD duplication available.

  3. Custom DVD cover & sleeve if required.

  4. High quality media file.

Production Diaries

Document the production process with behind the scenes featurettes detailing the film making process. Incorporate interviews with cast & crew explaining their involvement.

Product Advertisement

Express to your customers a products performance, functionality & features through short web videos.

Short Films

Tell a short story told through the narrative of a short film. Create cinematic segments which could enhance your videos impact for your client or visitor.

Wedding Videos

Capture your wedding day with a video highlighting the entire day from guests arriving, the wedding ceremony, speeches & up to the first dance.

Business or Property Advertisement

Allow visitors to your website to view online video content expressing your business, products or services.

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